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Jeremy Jenkins

Jeremy Jenkins

Jeremy Jenkins is a full-time dad, husband and church leader. He sometimes takes time out to be a Network Marketing Professional. He has a passion for growing himself as a leader, consulting and coaching people on how to get back their time and freedom.

Jeremy is the founder of the KaizeNetwork group which is based on the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen which seeks continuous improvement in all aspects of life. Jeremy created KaizeNetwork in 2009 and has more than 100,000 subscribers to his monthly Kaizen newsletter.

In September 2010 he was named the top distributor for a health and wellness company and in 2012, 2013 and 2016 repeated his success in multiple companies and building organizations that included over 250,000 team members.

Jeremy has achieved great success as a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer and as a leader in his various online network marketing endeavors and loves to share all he has learned in both English and Spanish with anyone willing to be taught.

Jeremy Jenkins

John Johnson

John has been an entrepreneur since he was 23 years old. He found success in traditional business as an owner/operator in the real estate appraisal and mortgage industries and moved his companies to Utah in 2006. John has always had a passion for sales and marketing. He has served as a consultant, trainer, and mentor for hundreds of salespeople in a variety of industries.

Two years ago, John threw his hat back into the ring of Network Marketing where he grew sizeable organizations and proved that the marketing and networking skills which made him so successful as a traditional business owner could help him succeed massively in network marketing.

John has now joined with as a Master Member where he looks forward to sharing his talents with everyone in the organization.

In his leisure time, John loves spending time with his family, hiking, weight lifting, martial arts, and listening to good old-fashioned music.

The Master Trainers

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Jeremy Jenkins

Dave Dove

Dave & Dawna are Humanitarian Entrepreneurs. Dave is a Leader and a Visionary, with experience managing award winning teams and multi-billion-dollar companies. His background in business, sales and photography capitalizes his creative but competitive approach. Dave is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of helping others, and paying it forward. He considers himself a “Student of Life”, eager to build on his foundations as a Business Owner, as a Director of Sales and as a Professional Photographer. Dave is intuitive with the latest and greatest digital sales and marketing strategies.

His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to his success at Wyndham, Hilton and Diamond Resorts. In addition, Dave and Dawna have also had phenomenal success as 6 figure earners and Top Leaders in the Direct Sales Industry, Dave was Director of marketing for a Direct Sales company and has been a Owner of a Subway Franchise, a Real Estate Company, a Telesales Company and multiple Photography Studios.

Dave believes that balance in life is the ultimate key to success. This balance in life has contributed greatly to his 27 years of marriage to his beautiful wife, Dawna, as well as to his 4 amazing children, Dillan & Daylan, Devree and Daylee, and to his wonderful grandchild, Ledger.

Jeremy Jenkins

Ed Terranova

A Retired NYC Firefighter with over 30 years of Experience as a Network Marketing Professional. Ed is a multifaceted individual that wears his heart on his sleeve. Many people say he is one of the most humble and trusted people you will meet.

He knows exactly how to Recruit, Train, Motivate and Inspire people to learn and grow beyond their own expectations.

He has served both inside and outside of the corporate infrastructure of numerous companies that have gone on to produce Billions of Dollars in Sales and he has worked with several as a Strategic Consultant and Advisory Board Member.

Ed is a Compensation Plan Expert who sees eye to eye and has contributed with the President and Chief Architect of the Compensation Plan, Richard Smith.

Jeremy Jenkins

John Stahl

John is a former U.S. Marine, who served his tenure at Parris Island, SC., as a Staff Sergeant Specialist in heavy artillery. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Albion College where he held many NCAA Swimming Records. John comes to us with extensive sales and sales management experience and has been awarded the prestigious Top Salesman and Presidents Choice Awards 17 years in a row In the Digital Imaging industry.

After spending 17 years living Internationally. John has refined and taken to a new level his communications and professional network building skills. John is married to Zoe his wife of 28 plus years and has 2 grown daughters, who mean the world to him. After 30 plus years of selling, motivating and training salespeople all over the Country, John brings to his unrivaled positive encouraging and motivating attitude. A day when you don’t motivate or encourage someone is a day wasted In John’s opinion.

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